The Banshee Sword

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

Bred in the jungles of Asia, our Banshee sword has its origins in the Thai “Krabi” and its close cousin, the Burmese “Dah.”
Extremely strong and very quick, the Banshee is a cutting sword first and last, with a slightly weight-forward balance for slashing through jungle growth with ease. The hand forged high-carbon blade is heat treated for optimum shock absorption and edge retention, and the ridged-wrapped black leather grip provides excellent handling qualities. The black leather scabbard is designed to allow a number of carrying options with different holders.

Key Features:

Hand Forged High-carbon steel blade
Leather handle wrap
Excellent balance


Overall length: 86cm
Blade length: 64cm
Handle length: 19cm
Weight: 1 kg

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