The Sword Excalibur

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

This sword has a high carbon steel sword blade and antique finished metal fittings.
The two-handed grip and the wooden scabbard, are covered in soft blue leather. .


No other sword in the annals of literature has been more renowned than the legendary Excalibur.
Drawn from a stone, this magical blade sealed young Arthur Pendragon’s lineage to the throne of England.
Our version is designed from the stories of Camelot, from the time of author, Sir Thomas Malory.


The blade is high-carbon steel, made by the master smiths of Windlass Steelcrafts.
The metal fittings have an antique finish and emulate the flowers of a new spring.
The two-handed grip, as well as the wooden scabbard, has been covered in rich, soft blue leather.
The scabbard also is adorned with antique flower-like metal fittings.


Key Features:
High-Carbon Steel
Two-Handed Grip
Overall 43 inches

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