Tinker Bastard Sword With Fuller & Scabbard - Sharp Blade

Brand: Tinker Pearce

Michael 'Tinker' Pearce has designed a series of swords made by Hanwei in 5160 steel, which emphasize authenticity, functionality & performance. To satisfy the sparring & cutting needs of Western Martial Artist, each of the 4 styles being made in live (sharp) & sparring (blunt) versions, each sword has outstanding handling characteristics. The carefully controlled heat treating of 5160 (Tinker’s blade steel of choice) by the 'Marquenching' process produces-excellent toughness & flexibility at a hardness of HRc 50-52 allowing for superior edge retention on the sharps, anti burr & tip-flexing safety features on the blunts. Replacement blades are available for all swords in the series, a key feature of Tinker’s designs is the interchange ability of blades within each pair of swords with the exception of the Viking, allowing the user to purchase 1 complete sword & a spare blade to enjoy both versions. The Longswords, Bastard & Early Medieval all feature Tinker’s recessed sleeve nut mounting system, providing secure hilt retention, tightening & easy blade exchange using the Allen wrench provided


The Hand & Half Swords (Oakeshott Type XV111A) are designed so that the Sharp & Blunt versions will perform identically offering sparring & cutting with swords that feel & respond in the same way. The sharp sword is produced in two different versions, one diamond section throughout (SH2400) & the other identical but fullered for about one third of its length (SH2411). Wheel sized pommels are to provide a grip for the second hand, the straight tapering cross provides excellent hand protection. The hardwood-cored grips are leather-over-cord wrap with steel fittings. Leather covered scabbard are included


Key Features:
5160 Marquenched Spring Steel
Tinker Approved


Overall: 42 3/4"
Blade Length: 33 3/8"
Handle Length: 9 3/8"
Weight: 2 lb 10 oz

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