Viking Re-enactment Sword & Sheath

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Brand: Ancient Warrior

The Viking Re-enactment sword is 36 inches in total length and has a blade length of 28 inches. This sword is particularly tailored to the needs of the re-enactment enthusiast. Featuring authentic hilt styling with a leather covered hand grip and the distinctive Viking pommel. The fully tempered un-sharpened high carbon steel blade has a polished finish with a blood groove on both sides. The sword is designed to withstand rugged use while providing the level of safety required by many of todays re-enactment societies. The hardwood scabbard is covered in leather with polished steel tip and throat.


This is an excellent sword for re-enactment, or just to have for display.


Blade Length. 71cm
Blade Width. (Widest). 4.8cm
Grip Length. 12cm
Overall Length. 91cm
Weight. 1.5 kg
Weight In Scabbard. 1.9 kg

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