16th &17th Century English Rapier - Stage Ready Sword

Brand: Southern Swords

Perfect for use in training, exhibition, stage and re-enactment.
This is a beautiful, well balanced, hand made sword specifically designed for swordplay.
The blade is hardened EN45 spring steel with 3 mm thick broad impact edges and a blunt tip giving maximum safety levels as required by many of today's re-enactors, and training organisations


This is a beautiful, and historically accurate hand forged English Rapier.
Made for the re-enactor, stage use and comes with a full tang that is peened riveted over the pommel.


Key Features:
Blunt For Stage & Combat Use
EN45 Spring Steel Blade
Historically Accurate
High Quality Construction


Overall Length 120cm
Blade Length 92cm
Blade Width 3.2cm
Grip Length 11cm
Sword Weight. 1.5kg


During the English Civil war period both mortuary swords with half basket type hilts and a variety of rapier styles were standard swords to be encountered on the battlefield. Many rapiers were to be found with heavier blades so that the sword was better suited to the rigours of warfare.

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