Bolo Knife Mod. 1917 USA

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

This bolo knife was carried by the United States Army until World War II. Manufactured between 1897 and 1918, it underwent a number of changes during its useful life. It was originally handed over to medical personnel in the field, then to combat troops, and was used to clear brush, fire fields, and any task in inaccessible terrain.

This design is the 1917 design that was manufactured in large numbers during 1917 and 1918. It features a sharp, high-carbon, high-strength steel blade (reverse is sharpened within the first 5 cm) that is properly heat treated. in a computer controlled oven.

Full tang is integral with solid dark wood knob and grip secured with 2 large bolts. The right side of the blade base is stamped "US MOD 1917 CT" and the left side is "PLUMB STLOUIS 1918".

Includes a No. 1 style scabbard that includes the manufacturers' stamp dated 1918 on the leather tip; It is covered in thick canvas with a sturdy brass throat and a brass belt hanger.


Total Length: 38cm approx.
Blade length: 27cm approx.
Color brown / gray
Blade: sharp
Weight 625 g

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