English Teutonic Grand Master Suit Of Armour

Brand: Lord Of Battles

This is a Traditional Old English suit of armour with an authentic English design, totally hand made using traditional methods of the armourer's of old.

A quality made work of art, and a credit to our history. Built from blood, sweat and tears and most importantly, love.

A Knight of old would have spent as much money on his armour as we would spend on a house today.

We can offer a suit that is both authentic in appearance yet very affordable.

It will grace any castle, hotel or hopeless romantic's hall with an impressive and awe inspiring presence.

The suit is made from over 90 separate pieces and the detailing is superb. It features an impressive English Knights helm and comes adorned with the cape of the Teutonic order


This traditional old English suit of armour is hand made, a totally unique and breathtaking piece.


Key Features


Historically Accurate

High Quality Construction

Made Using Traditional Methods Measurements Tall 6'3" Wide 29"

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