Hauberk Half Sleeve Butted Mild Steel Chainmail Shirt - CODE 10

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This Code 10 Hauberk provides an authentic appearance for the role player while providing an economical construction style of mail.
Crafted in 16 gauge butted mild steel. Although butted construction has less structural integrity than riveted mail this steel type construction will still provide a very sturdy mail garment.
Because of the nature and the movement of chainmail, the 50" mail will fit up to a 46" chest size measured over a gambeson and undergarments, and the 60" mail will fit up to a 56" chest.
Close attention to quality is a top priority in every piece.


Key Features:
Size: (50") Fits Up To 46" Chest Size Over Garments.
Size: (60") Fits Up To 56" Chest Size Over Garments.
Mail Length: 31"
Ring Type: Round Wire
Material: Mild Steel
Finish: Natural


This is the most economical construction style of mail, as the cost of labour-intensive riveting is avoided. Butted mail has limited historical precedent but is fine for general costuming and role-playing where strict construction authenticity is not a requirement. It is not recommended for heavy weapons-contact re-enactment. Butted mail is available in mild steel, high-tensile steel and aluminium. High-tensile steel has the most resistance to opening of the rings, while mild steel butted rings may be distorted by heavy weapons contact. Aluminium is much lighter and more comfortable for the costumer and role-player. All rings are formed from round section wire and are 8mm internal diameter. Construction is in the 4 in 1 pattern. Full specifications and available finishes are shown against each specific item.

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