Helmet of Lutorius

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

The movie tells the story of the young Roman centurion, Marcus Aquila, who has been afflicted his entire life with the loss of his father 20 years ago – and with him went the the eagle standard of the ninth legion. When he hears rumors that the standard has been seen in the enemy territory of the Picts, Marcus and his slave, Esca, set off on a dangerous journey to restore his family's honor.


The official Lutorius Helmet is a style of helmet widely in use among Romans and among Greeks in a similar form. Handcrafted of steel, plated with brass and coated with an antique finish, the impressive helmet features a crest made of black and beige horse hair. Black leather creates handsome accents on the scull, neck guard and cheek pieces, while a decorative cross bar protects the front. Lined with leather, this Roman helmet has an adjustable fabric inlay on the inside that palpably increases wearing comfort.


We also have a helmet stand for this item as pictured which is usually £32- but if purchased with the helmet is only £25-


Fits head sizes up to 61 cm
Weight: approx. 2.3 kg

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