Knights Templar War Sword


The Knights Templar were the best-known of the Military Orders that existed during the crusades. Formed somewhere between the years of 1118 and 1120 AD, the Templars went on to amass a great wealth in terms of land, revenue and manpower. This wealth was built through a combination of special privileges and the ingenuity and back-breaking efforts of the Order itself.


The Templars thrived for nearly two centuries, until the year 1307, when the Knights Templar or France were arrested by that country's monarch. Over the next five years, the imprisoned knights, sergeants and serving members were put to torture to extract confessions. Finally, the Templars were dissolved by the papal bull vox in excelso, written by Pope Clement V.


This superb replica Knights Templar Re-enactment sword is 38 inches in total length and has a blade length of 30 inches. This is an excellent sword for re-enactment enthusiast, or collector. Featuring authentic hilt styling with leather covered hardwood handle for a comfortable grip and distinctive brass pommel and hand guard. The fully tempered un-sharpened high carbon steel blade has a polished finish with a blood groove on both sides. The sword comes with an authentic thick leather scabbard. This is an excellent sword for light re-enactment use, or just to have for display. The sword can be worn on either side for a left or right handed person.



Overall length: 38"

Blade length: 30"

Blade Width: 2"

Blade Material: High carbon spring steel.

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