Late 19th Century Highland Officers Dirk Set - Black - Imperfect


This beautifully made Officers Dirk has been styled on surviving historical specimens of the late 19th century. The natural finish hardwood hilt has been hand carved in a basket weave pattern and decorated with metal nails, as opposed to the more Celtic styled hilts of the previous century. The silver finish metal pommel cap and ferrule protect the wooden hilt against damage. The small fork and by-knife are carried one above the other in the metal mounted sheath. This practise was common on Dirks of quality in the previous century. However earlier dirks tended to have the small knives side by side. This Dirk is the ultimate development from the earlier fighting and dress Dirks of the 18th century and is still in use today.
The Scabbard is made in hardwood and covered in black leather and perfectly stitched on the back. The metalwork on the scabbard and handle have grooved detailing. On the back of the scabbard there is a leather belt loop.

Key Features:
High-carbon steel blade 
Historically accurate
High Quality Construction
Leather wrapped scabbard

Overall length: 19"
Blade Length: 12"

You can see in the picture the Dirk does not sit flush at the throat of the scabbard.

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