Medieval Italian Suit Of Armour

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts
In the truest sense of the words, crossbows, long bows and lances were the best possible arguments for developing knightly plate armour. Starting in the High Middle Ages, noble knights began to reinforce their mail shirts with metal plates. The trend peaked with the invention of the full suit of armour starting in the 14th century. Italy and Germany were the manufacturing centres for suits of armour.

Armourers had to know a lot about how people move to produce armour that is as flexible as possible. Contrary to popular opinion, it was possible to walk around, lie down and get up, and even mount a horse without help in a full suit of armour! In the 1960s, NASA needed inspiration for designing an effective space suit so scientists there studied a full suit of armour owned by Henry VIII in detail. Rust and the build-up of heat inside were the causes of greater problems than those resulting from weight and freedom of movement...

Our full suit of armour from the 15th century shows how skilled Italian armourers were at their craft. The forms are mainly rounded and it is slightly asymmetrical. All in all, an Italian model is more powerful than a German one. This suit of armour consists of a hounskull helmet with a visor and bevor, a plate harness with tassets, and a matching back piece. It also has arm and leg pieces (including greaves, iron gloves, elbow and knee bosses, and shoulder protection) and a base with a wooden stand for displaying it in all of its glory. All of the steel pieces of this harness are fastened to each other with leather straps and brass buckles.
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