Renaissance Long Dagger

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Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

Popular in the Renaissance, this long dagger (poignard in French) can be considered the forerunner of the parrying dagger. Its double-edged blade tapers from the ricasso at a continuous rate and this long dagger does not require a fuller. The curved crossguard provides stable protection for your hand, and makes this long dagger with ricasso look particularly elegant. Wrapped with leather and fine golden wire, the grip has been crafted with care. The leather scabbard included has a mount and chape of metal.


Total length: 51.5 cm
Blade length: 37.5 cm
Grip length: 8 cm
Weight: 0.53 kg
Blade thickness (base): 4.6 mm
Blade width (base): 3.5 cm

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