Royal Stag Seax

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

This long Seax is worthy of Viking royalty. It's grand enough to accompany a Viking chieftain's lavish funeral possessions for the afterlife. The massive blade is engraved with beautifully rendered Norwegian interlace. The cylindrical, solid brass guard is a full 1" thick and features a Nordic motif in deep relief. The handle - a beautiful Sambar Stag Crown! Sambar is one of the finest stags in the world and prized for its density. Today it is very hard to acquire; we found a supplier who was able to get a supply when the Indian Moratorium was temporarily lifted a few years ago.

Of course, a noble weapon requires a noble mode of carry. The sheath is leather reinforced with brass trim that's adorned with filigree and has brass lashing rings. This knife is expertly assembled in the US in our own shop.

The high carbon steel blade is 3/16" thick and comes with a keen edge.

Please note: since stag is a natural material, size, shape, grain, and color will vary from the one shown in the photos.


Overall 21-1/2"

Blade Length 13-3/4"

Blade Thickness 3/16"

Weight 1 lb / 13 oz

Material: 1075 high carbon Steel Sheath Leather with Brass Trim and Lash Rings

Edge: Sharpened

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