Single Handed Scottish Barons Sword

Brand: Southern Swords

This medieval single handed Scottish Barons sword is surprisingly easy to handle and designed to be a personal side arm that carries in its pommel the symbol of the Order of the Thistle, a high chivalric order of Scotland.

Hand crafted in much the same way as swords were made centuries ago except that the blades are now forged from high-carbon spring steel, a resource unavailable off-the-shelf to the smiths of  old. The blade comes with a light polished finish replicating the medieval swordsmith finish they were able to achieve.

The fittings are polished steel with a hardwood handle riveted over the wide full tang of the blade. 

The sword comes with a leather-covered hardwood scabbard with a steel throat and chape


Key Features:
Hand Crafted
High Quality Construction
Historically Accurate
EN45 HC Spring Steel


Blade Length. 78cm
Blade Width. (Widest). 5cm
Grip Length. 10cm
Overall Length. 95cm
Weight. 1.8kg
Weight With Scabbard. 2.1kg

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