Tactical Utility Camping Tomahawk Hatchet, Axe

Brand: Southern Swords

Tactical Utility Camping - Tomahawk - Axe

This axe features 3 sizes of hexagonal bolt spanner as well as two camping hooks all formed from a single piece of stainless steel, finished in a matte black. A machine sharpened edge to one of the hooks gives a large cutting blade and means this is truly a diverse utility tool. The large opening at the base of the handle makes it suitable for hanging inverted. A nylon cord wrapped handle offers a firm and comfortable grip in all weather conditions.


The coarse heavy grade canvas sheath fits securely around the head and fastens with two strong popper straps.


The slim design of this axe makes it ideal for storing and carrying.



Total Length: 33cm
Handle: 13cm
Blade: 14cm
Width: 0.5cm

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