The Bramham Moor Mercenary Dagger

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

Named after the final battle of the Percy Rebellion of 1402-1408, this style of dagger is typical of the upper class daggers of the period.
The end result of a power feud between the 1st Earl of Northumberland Henry Percy and King Henry IV, the Battle of Bramham Moor was fought in the snow on a cold 19th of February.
The violent melee ended Percy's life and the power of the Percy family, although a branch of descendants would rise to prominence later during the Wars of the Roses.

This long dagger has an unpolished stained wood grip.
 It includes a matching brown leather scabbard decorated with matt brass throat and tip. On the neck it has a belt clip decorated with a finely detailed roaring lion'shead


Total Length: 44cm approx.
Blade length: 31 cm approx.
Blade width: 2.5 cm to ricasso
Blade thickness: 0.31 cm approx.
Weight: 396 g approx.
Material: High Carbon Steel. 1065


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