The Gallowglass Irish Shortsword & Scabbard

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Brand: Stone Castle

This Irish short sword was the perfect weapon for the gallowglass mercenary fighters.
The chief advantage of a short sword was that in really close fighting such as that on a battle field it was much easier and lighter to wield a short sword rather than a large two-handed type which was of more use at the outset of the battle.
Irish short swords display distinctive features found only on Irish swords such as hollow ring pommels through which the sword tang can clearly be seen and the cruciform shaped guards are often decorated with a cut out “E” shape or some other similar feature. Light, versatile and handy to draw out of the scabbard quickly, the Irish short sword was every bit as important even if not as impressive as its larger two-handed cousin.
This sword comes with a leather covered hardwood scabbard - We have a large selection of frogs available (sword holder) to attach it to your belt.

Crafted in much the same way as swords were made centuries ago, the blade is hand forged from high-carbon steel.
The blade has a light polished finish which is closely replicating what the medieval swordsmith was able to achieve.
Fittings are polished steel and all of these swords have leather-covered hardwood scabbards.
These swords will appeal to the re-enactor who wants a sword with the same appearance as the originals.

Key Features
Hand Forged In Traditional Way
Historically Accurate
High Quality Construction
High Carbon Steel Blade
Leather Covered Hardwood Scabbard

Overall Length 88 cm
Blade Length 70 cm
Blade Width (at widest) 4.8 cm
Grip Length 10 cm
Guard Width 21 cm
Sword Weight 1.6 kg
In Scabbard Weight 2 kg
P.O.B. 14 cm

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