Universal Broadsword Sword Wall Hanger

Brand: Hanwei

Our Universal Broadsword Hanger (OH2418) has been designed for the wall display of any of the broadswords in our current line and probably any that will be included in the future. Its scissor type action allows the retaining pins to grip the blade of the sword at the crossguard, the weight of the sword itself providing the gripping force. The retaining pins are internally threaded and adjustable to allow for different guard/grip thicknesses and are grooved to provide a positive blade stop for blades with or without ricassos. The nickel finish blends well with any blade to provide an unobtrusive means of display and excellent value.

Can hold blades up to a 70 mm width and will extend to hold up to a 35 mm depth of hand guard


Key Features:
Nickel finish
Fully Adjustable
Excellent value.

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