Wedge Riveted Flat Ring Chainmail Coif


Constructed from Mild Steel this Wedge Riveted Flat Ring chainmail coif offers good protection to the head an neck. The 16 gauge 9mm Darkened steel rings are designed to fit over a padded arming cap and can be worn under a solid helmet for further protection. This coif is made from flat rings with the ends pounded into a flat wedge and riveted together alternating with solid flat metal rings for a composite construction. This is a practicle yet functional piece that is suitable for not only stage and costume but also re-enactment and combat. You may also find this piece being worn in LARP (live action role play) events.

Construction: Flat Wedge Riveted Rings and Solid Flat Rings
Material: Mild Steel
Ring Type: Flat
Ring Size: 9mm - 16 gauge
Finish: Darkened

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