Wine Red Velvet Dress

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts
In the High Middle Ages, the ladies of the court knew how to dress as stylishly as their social status would allow. Before the era in which extravagant cuts were the fashion, the trade routes were too underdeveloped to provide a steady flow of different fabrics. A velvet dress in wine red would have seemed the height of the art of dressmaking.

This floor-length dress of 100 percent cotton ends in a short train at the back. The loop at the tip of the train is used to keep it out of the way when you dance or stroll around the castle or the gardens. The close-fitting sleeves are reinforced at the pointed ends. The graceful sleeves and princess seams add to the feminine impression the gown makes. This wine red velvet dress has no complicated buttons or ties: it is supple enough to simply be pulled on.
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