14th Century Gothic Medieval Sword & Scabbard

Brand: Darksword Armoury

These Swords Are Hand Forged In Batches To Order, Please Allow 8 - 12 Weeks For The Forging Process After Order - As These Swords Are Made In Batches The Options You Pick May Be In Stock Allowing For Faster Delivery Times.


This 14th C. Gothic Medieval Sword is based on the original, currently on display at the Royal Ontario Museum. An innovation in functionality, the Gothic Sword's diamond-shaped blade was designed to pierce armour gaps. This style of blade was widely used throughout Europe during the 14th & 15th C. as a popular close quarters weapon.

Our Gothic Medieval Sword, commonly known as a Dagesse sword, is a faithful reproduction of the popular cut and thrust sword. The blade is wide at the shoulders and narrow at the tip, bringing the point of balance back for excellent tip control. The guard and pommel are worked in brass, as is the original on display in the Royal Ontario Museum. A unique take on the traditional arming sword.


Total length: 34.5"
Blade length: 27.5"
Blade width at base: 3"
Weight: 3 lbs 1 oz

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