1830 Napoleonic Sabre - Cavalry Troopers Sword

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Brand: Cold Steel

Napoleon's cavalry was the bane of the European battlefield. While his horses were second string, his swords were absolutely first rate. They were manufactured in a state of the art factory dedicated to producing the finest edged weapons of the day.

The medium weight sabre we offer is a cavalry trooper's chosen weapon. It posses excellent cutting and slashing capability and still remains useful for a thrust. In fact, it was so popular that it remained in use long after Napoleon's star had fallen and was wielded by both sides in our own Civil War.

In its general overall appearance, it very closely resembles the United States 1860 Light Cavalry Sabre. However, this design is slightly different and makes for a far more effective and durable weapon. The thick, moderately curved blade is forged out of 1055 Carbon steel and features a long, wide fuller and a very sharp, practical point.

The grip of the 1830 Napoleon Sabre is equally well made. It is wrapped in black leather and strongly protected by a stout, brass three bar hilt. The whole package comes with a heavy duty polished steel scabbard with dual rings so it can be easily attached to your baldric or sword belt.


Weight 37.7oz 1.07kg
Blade Thickness 516" 7.9mm
Blade Length 33¾" 85.7cm
Handle 5¼" 13.3cm
Steel 1055 Carbon
Overall 39" 99.1cm
Scabbard Steel
Country of Origin India 

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