English Mortuary Hilt Sword

Brand: John Barnett

This Mortuary Hilt Sword is a classic example of a cavalry or dragoon officer's sword of the 17th century English Civil War period. Deriving its name from the style of sword which memorialised King Charles I, who was executed in 1649


The basket hilt swords first appeared in Germany in the mid 1500's and soon became popular throughout Europe especially with cavalrymen. The Mortuary sword represents one such sword and examples can often be found with heads cast or chiselled into the hilt, these were said to represent the execution of Charles I during the English civil war period. Certainly the Mortuary sword has become linked with the struggle between the Roundheads and the cavaliers.

A scabbard for this item is available - it is a brown leather covered hardwood scabbard with a steel tip and throat.


Key Features:
EN45 Spring Steel
Historically Accurate
High Quality Construction
Comes with a dull edge


Blade Length 83 cm
Blade Width 3.6 cm
Grip Length 12.5 cm
Overall Length 100 cm

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