English Short Sword

Brand: John Barnett

17th Century, Museum Quality English Short Sword. English Short Sword It is most likely that the small sword originated in the courts of Louis XIV of France where it was worn instead of the rapier.
Certainly by the 1660's new styles of fencing were being taught where the emphasis was to use the sword blade itself for both offence and defence instead of the rapier and main gauche styles of the previous 100 years.
It was also realised that in a duel between swordsmen of equal skill the man with the lighter weapon would have an advantage over his opponent.
After the restoration of Charles II the small sword appears in England and as swords were worn by gentlemen as part of their everyday costume, small swords were more convenient to wear as oppose to rapiers.


The small sword developed over the following century employing a variety of different blade styles, hilts and method of decoration, but in essence, a typical small sword had a small pommel, slim grip over a shell guard. A knuckle bow protected the fingers and often there were a pair of finger-rings just above the shell guard for extra grip. The blade was narrow, double-edged or triangular in section and hollow ground blades were considered the best, not only for their strength but for the lightness they imparted into the weapon.

A black leather covered wooden scabbard is available with steel throat and tip.


Key Features:
EN45 High Carbon Spring Steel
Historically Accurate
High Quality Construction


Blade Length. 83 cm
Blade Width. 2.4 cm
Grip Length. 11 cm
Overall Length. 100 cm
Weight. 0.9 kg

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