European Medieval War Axe

Brand: Kolser

This Medieval War Axe made by Kolser and is based on an Italian 14th century museum piece. Great for costuming or role-playing, this axe also makes a fine wall decoration.


The War Axe in History - Through the course of human history, commonplace objects have been pressed into service as weapons. Axes, by virtue of their ubiquity, are no exception. A battle axe is an axe specifically designed as a weapon. Battle axes are essentially specialised versions of utility axes. Many are suitable for use in one hand, while others are larger and were wielded two-handed. Axes designed for war range in weight from just over 1lb to 6lbs, and in length from just over a foot to upwards of five feet. Among the many weapons used for battle during Medieval times, few were more popular nor as widely used as the Battle Axe, or War Axe. The highly sharpened blades on these formidable weapons could easily pierce armour and shred chain mail worn by opposing knights. The axe was relatively light-weight, allowing it to be an ideal weapon for one-handed battle either on the ground or atop


This is an exquisite piece and would make an ideal gift or display item


Specifications: Blade Length 10"

Handle Length 22"

Overall Length 29"

Wood & Cast Metal Consruction

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