Gjermundbu Viking Helmet

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

Richard Wagner of Romantic opera fame was the person who put the horns on the Vikings and created this modern legend. A Vendel helm, which emerged from the Late Roman ridge helmets, would be historically correct. One of the most famous Viking helmets is the Gjermundbu, which was found in a burial ground in Norway and is dated to 970.


Our Gjermundbu Viking helmet is based on the existing fragments of this helmet. The scull has a strap at the forehead and sheathing from ear to ear, and the face guard has the characteristic, spectacle shape. A shoulder length aventail protects the sides and back of the neck. A pointed spike (which was not preserved) is impressively positioned at the top of the helmet. It is equipped with a leather belt with a metal buckle and an adjustable leather liner for a perfect fit.


The Gjermundbu Viking helmet is made of 16 gauge carbon steel and weighs approx. 2.3 kg.


We also have a helmet stand for this item as pictured which is usually £19- but if purchased with the helmet is only £15-

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