Nylon Three Sword Bag


This Nylon sword bag is an ideal way to carry your sword from place to place. Providing protection for damage along with making it much easier to carry this Nylon sword bag has an outer pocket that can be used for cleaning or sharpening supplies. This sturdy sword bag will fit a sword, katana or other weapon that is up to 48’’ long. It is opened and closed with a long zipper on the side. It has a pair of internal zippered panels to allow two extra swords or weapons. The bag has an adjustable carrying strap that can fit around a shoulder - alternatively, it also has a short nylon grip so that it can be carried horizontally The bottom exterior of the bag is lined with leather to protect it. If carrying a sharpened sword it is advised to put a cover on the tip of the blade to prevent damage to the bag.



Overall length: 49 inches
Width: 8.5 inches

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