Oni Katana

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Brand: Hanwei

The Oni are mythical creatures from Japanese folklore similar to western demons or trolls. In modern culture they are beginning to move away from this menacing connotation into the role of guardian or protector, similar in character to gargoyles. Their power and ferocity, however, have not diminished. There is a Japanese saying which translates to “Oni with an iron club”, or to be of an invincible nature, a fitting association with the 29” L6/Bainite blade on which our Oni Katana is built. The blade features the geometry of our Performance Series for outstanding cutting ability. The 14” tsuka is wrapped in black ray skin and silk ito while the Koshirae feature Oni in various classical styles. A unique combination of folklore and functionality.


Key Features:
Hand forged and folded new L6/Bainite blade
New Performance blade geometry
Premium fittings


Overall Length - 111.8cm / 44 Inch
Blade Length - 73.67cm / 29 Inch
Grip Length - 14 Inch
Weight - 1440grams

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