Riveted Leather Bag

Brand: Southern Swords
This pouch addresses a problem that is not as insignificant that it seems at first glance. If medieval dresses and knightly surcoats do not have pockets sewn into them, what do you do with all that stuff you need to carry around with you? You need a container that fits easily on your belt, does not take up too much space, and provides room for things like a camera, mobile, or the car keys. Our riveted leather belt pouch in black and blue is exactly what you're looking for. When it is empty, it is approx. 13 cm wide and can be compressed into less than 5 cm of thickness – but it can also be filled to a width of 25 cm and a thickness of 10 cm. The clever construction of our riveted leather belt pouch gives it this amazing versatility: blue genuine suede is riveted to a black stripe of immitation leather and closed with a system of leather strings. At the back, it has loops for securing it to any commercial belt belt. The rivets and the decorative button are made of brass.
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