Roman Spatha Sword & Sheath With Free Leather Baldric

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Roman Spatha Sword & Sheath With High Carbon Steel Blade
With Free Leather Baldric

Great For Decoration, Costume, Re-enactment, 
or You Can 
Sharpen For Cutting

Historically Accurate, Hand Forged.

The Spatha was a type of straight and long sword, measuring between 0.75 and 1 m (29.5 and 39.4 in), with a handle length between 18 and 20 cm (7.1 and 7.9 in), in use in the territory of the Roman Empire during the 1st to 6th centuries AD. ... The Roman spatha was used in war and in gladiatorial fights.
A scabbard with ornamental brass applications comes with this Roman Spatha sword


Total length: 80 cm
Blade length: 58 cm
Grip length: 13 cm
Blade thickness (base): 3.5 mm
Blade width (base): 5 cm

The blade is High Carbon Steel which comes with a dull edge, but you can sharpen this for cutting practice on bottles or mats.

I have also included a free brown leather Roman baldric which can be adjusted to fit a number of different swords

This is an excellent sword and a great item to have in any collection

For sale in UK only £100 + P&P
Enquires: Contact  Paul - at Email:-  [email protected]

Postage for this item is £10 if within mainland UK

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