The Eagle - Greaves

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts
The young Roman centurion, Flavius Aquila, who has been afflicted his entire life with the loss of his father 20 years before – with him the eagle standard of the ninth legion disappeared. When he hears rumors that the standard has been seen in the enemy territory of the Picts, Flavius and his slave, Esca, set off on a dangerous journey to restore his family's honor.

The official greaves from the period movie are handcrafted of solid steel, coated in brass and decorated with sculptural ornaments. Light marks and scratches lend the metal an authentically antiqued look. With a weight of 895 g each, the vambraces boast excellent wearing comfort, as they are padded with a layer of suede on the inside. You can pull the sturdy leather straps with a thickness of over 4 mm through brass rings to fasten them to your body.

Width (top): 16 cm
Width (bottom): 12 cm
Length: 39 cm
Weight: 895 g
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