The Eagle Official Red Cotton Tunic

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts
Twenty years ago or more, centurion Marcus Aquila's father - along with the Eagle standard of the 9th legion - disappeared without a trace. The young Roman has suffered from the disgrace all his life and one day, he hears a rumor that the standard has been sighted - behind enemy lines with the Picts. Marcus and his slave, Esca, begin a dangerous journey to restore the family's honor.

The official tunic from "The Eagle" is made of wine red cotton, giving the top an authentic look and making it sturdy at the same time. This Roman tunic's edges have not been hemmed – the resulting fringe underscores the authentic look. The neckline has been turned under and sewn to make it easy to put our legionary tunic from "The Eagle" on.
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