US Air Force Dress Sword

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

This US Air Force dress sword was produced according to US government specifications for the equipment of officers in the US Air Force. As with many other US military dress swords, this edged weapon is very slim and has a short, rounded crossguard. The crossguard features a langet bearing the Air Force seal, an eagle head decorates both ends of the crossguard, and the pommel is shaped like an abstract globe. The open grip and comfortably light weight of our US Air Force dress sword make it an extremely manageable sword.


The blade of this dress sword is made of stainless steel and the matching scabbard is also made of metal. A metal chape and throat decorate the scabbard, which also features a practical hook for attaching it to a US Air Force dress uniform. This sword also comes with a cloth bag for transport and storage.


Total length: 84 cm
Blade length: 71 cm
Grip length: 7 cm
Weight: 0.51 kg
Blade thickness (base): 4.9 mm
Blade thickness (CoP): 3.9 mm
Blade width (base): 1.4 cm
Blade width (base): 1.2 cm
Point of Balance (PoB): 11.5 cm
Center of Percussion (CoP): 17 cm

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