Crusader Dress Sword & Sheath

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Brand: Ancient Warrior

This sword is particularly tailored to the needs of any budding Medieval Crusader, - Knight, or Soldier.
This sword is designed to be authentic in styling and light enough to carry and wear when in costume. The sword has a stainless steel blade, with blunt rounded edges for safety. It has an antiqued finish to the metal work and a leather covered hardwood scabbard.
To complete your authentic costume look at any occasion this is the perfect, and safe sword to wear.


Key Features:
Authentic look and feel
Wooden scabbard
Leather covered
Blunt blade


Overall length: 97cm
Blade length: 76cm
Blade width 4.7
Grip 12cm
Sword weight 1.4kg
Weight in scabbard 2.4kg

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