Excalibur Sword & Sheath

Brand: Denix

This decorative Excalibur sword is 44 inches in length with a blade length of 29 1/2 inches. The blade is unsharpened and finished in a weathered/rustic effect. The hand guard is brass in colour with two dragons either side of the round table symbol embossed on it. The handle is a wire wrap effect finish and the ring pommel has the word Excalibur engraved in it. The scabbard is finished in tan leather look with leather cross braiding up its length. There is brass coloured metalwork at the top and tip of the scabbard and the words 'Excalibur' and 'King Arthur' written on it.


This is a beautifully designed Excalibur Sword and sheath. The fabled sword of King Arthur, evokes scenes of the Sword in the Stone, the Lady of the Lake and Camelot. The workmanlike lines of this piece fit the image of the warrior king of the Britons. The sword comes complete with a sheath and is fully wearable.
The high quality finish and detailing make this a very attractive display item and very collectable .


Authentic detailing
Cast Metal Construction
Blade Length 29 1/2"
Handle Length 9"
Overall Length 28"
Weight 3lb 14oz

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