Longclaw LARP Sword

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts
Originally passed down in the Mormont family line, the Lord Commander of the Nights Watch gifted Longclaw to Jon Snow after he saved his life. This Game of Thrones LARP Longclaw Sword is an awesome replica of that legendary and lethal Valyrian sword. This replica is officially licensed and recreates the details of Longclaw, from the white wolf head pommel to the black hilt and the curved guard. The blade features a dark graphic down its length to simulate the ripple found in Valyrian steel in the books and the HBO series. It is made of high quality latex, and serves well not only as a decoration or practice blade but also as a fine LARP weapon as well. Armed with the Game of Thrones LARP Longclaw Sword, you will be ready to slay men, white walkers, and more in your next LARP battle!
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