River Witham Sword & Sheath

Brand: Hanwei

The River Witham Sword was dredged from the River Witham near the town of Lincoln during work carried out in 1788. The sword may be a remnant of the Battle of Lincoln in 1141; however, it was most likely constructed between 1250-1300 CE. The inscription on the blade reads +NDXOXCHMDRCHDXORVI+. These swords are crafted in much the same way as swords were made centuries ago, except that the blades are now forged from high-carbon spring steel, a resource unavailable off-the-shelf to the smiths of the old. The blade finish is un-polished, again more closely replicating what the medieval swordsmith was able to achieve. The grip is leather-covered hardwood, and the fittings are steel.
Comes with leather-covered fiberglass scabbard with steel lockets and chapes and removable suspension rings.
These swords will appeal to the re-enactor who wants a sword with the same appearance as the originals.

The item comes with a sharp blade.


Key Features:
Authentic replica of Museum Piece


Overall length: 38 1/2"
Blade length: 31 1/2"
Handle length: 6 3/4"
Weight: 3lb 8oz
Point of Balance:
Width at Guard:
Thickness at Guard:

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