Sword Of Aramis - Musketeer Rapier

Brand: Southern Swords

The Musketeers, brave, skilled and a little bit foolish but all for the good of their country. A show that has been on many times in many ways, the most recent of which being the BBC Musketeer series, with beautifully crafted swords and a lot of fighting and bloodshed, the series is a huge success.

This replica Sword of Aramis is inspired by the BBC series is incredibly well crafted and comes complete with a leather scabbard.

Aramis is a complex figure. His love of women is notorious but he is very far from being a routine womaniser. His effortless charm means that he is never short of admirers.

The rapier of Aramis is designed to be like the man, charming, even romantic, but deadly with it. The swooping curves of the hilt and finger guard give this sword a very stylish look.

The handle is hardwood with a twisted wire wrap grip, and the straight double-edged blade comes with a thin short fuller, more for a hint of style than practicality.

The Sword of Aramis comes with a dull edged blade but can be sharpened in our workshops for a small fee.

Overall Length - 117cm
Blade Length - 94cm
Blade Width - 3cm
Grip Length - 10cm
Weight 1.44kg


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