European War Hammer

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

Nobles and knights of the Middle Ages tried for centuries to forbid the use of war hammers in battle, but failed. Remarkable, actually, because knights were interested in developing powerful, club-like weapons. But war hammers worried them to death, because the filed edges of the flat side of the hammer could make deadly dents in armour and the spiked side could pierce it. Easily. A powerful swing from a war hammer hits its target with a force of several hundred kg/mm2, which means it has the same penetrating force as a rifle bullet. And the worst problem with it: a war hammer with spike is easy to make and any peasant or farmer could master its use.


Our war hammer has two very powerful spikes – one for piercing armour and balancing the flat head, and the other at the top for deadly thrusts. The long straps that keep the head on the shaft also come to a spiky point. The shaft is made of hardwood spiked with steel studs for more holding power.


Total length: 67 cm
Handle length: 54 cm
Hammer length: 3.5 cm
Spike length: 5.2 cm
Head width: 3.2cm
Weight: 1.05 kg

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