Suicide Squad Soul Taker Katana Sword

Brand: Southern Swords

The Famous Soul Taker Sword of fictional superhero Katana, from the comic, and recent film Suicide Squad. This sword has a live blade made of carbon steel with cast Tsuba and Rayskin wrapped with leather handle. Katana is the code name for the character Tatsu Yamashiro who trained as a Samurai under her master Tadashi, the left for America to fight for justice. Katana is an expert swordswoman with strong tactical skills. Her Soul Taker Sword was said to be forged in the 14th Century by Muramasa and is said to take the souls of those it kills, storing them inside the sword where the souls can be used by Katana in battle. This sword is supplied for decorative use only.


Total Length: 104cm

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