Conan Vanaheim War Axe

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

This original Age of Conan Vanaheim battle axe with spikes foam weapon can be wielded with one or two hands, as required. The combination of the blade and a total of four spikes allows a wide range of fighting tactics – defensive as well as offensive. The fiberglass rod at the core of this battle axe is covered in soft latex foam, which is why this LARP weapon is perfectly safe for live action role playing. Latex and a sealing coat make sure that this original Age of Conan Vanaheim foam weapon has a long service life. The handle is airbrushed to look rusty, and the lower third is wrapped with suede for increased control and comfort.


Key Features:
High Quality Latex Construction
Non Crack Finish
Handle: Suede Wrapped
Length: 39"
Weight 14 oz

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